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to two of the cia analysts who helped opportunity down osama bin laden. their story, part of a fascinating new documentary. >>> good morning. it is saturday, may 18th. i'm poppy harlow. glad you're with us. thank you for joining us. we start in connecticut. that train collision we have been telling you about all morning and what could be a long delay for commuters next week. the accident happened on a main line linking the bridge port area to new york city. it handles around 280,000 people every week day. and officials there say the tracks could be closed for weeks. there are a number of victims. our susan candiotti, national correspondent, live for us in bridge port this morning. susan, thank you for joining us. i know you rushed right up there. any word from investigators on what they'll be looking for and talking to in this? >> reporter: right, hard to say exactly at this point. certainly one of the things they'll be looking at is was there a problem with the tracks? they'll be talking with the engineers on both trains to find out whether there are any mechanical proble
by the cia. on the right, one that was used by the white house, the final version. what was taken out? all references to al qaeda. >> but as cnn jack tapper was the first to reporter, that story had a significant inaccuracy that did not match the e-mails involving those talking points. >> previous reports suggested that ben rhodes from the white house said in an a e-mail that he wanted to make sure the state department concerns were reflected in the talking points. but we obtained an actual copy of ben rhodes e-mail and he doesn't mention the state department. >> i spoke earlier this morning with jon karl and abc chief white house correspondent and jon karl gave me the following statement "i regret the e-mail was quoted incorrectly and regret it has become a distraction from the story. i should have been clearer about the at tribution." joining us here in washington jennifer rubin and contributor to cnbc kudlow report and jane hall. obtained those e-mails. what he got was a summary that was inaccurate in part from a congressional source, presumably a republican. should abc retract that par
look at e-mails the intelligence community -- >> well, no. libya was sure of it and the cia seemed pretty sure of it. >> distinguish between two things, was it an act of terror? absolutely. and the president called it that two days later. no one knew at the time and that's exactly why the talking points were written by the intelligence community. >> why didn't the president just say, yeah, it was a terrorist attack. >> he already called it an attack of terror. we didn't know if it was a result of protest or an act of terror. >> finally i have to turn to an issue come up. sexual assault in the military, the president had a meeting with top military brass, said we have to stop this. we have people from donald rumsfeld up saying we can't have this and nothing has happened. i want to play you something tulsi gabbert said to me last week. >> there's no excuses. it's not enough to say this is something we'll stand for, we'll hold these people accountable unless you're providing a system and process to actually do that. >> both, tammy duckworth also on the show and tulsi gabbard said we n
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3